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Low intensity truck deployed

21 October 2021

THE LANDSCAPING and horticultural company Ferdinand Wiese & Sohn does not have an application that requires a full fleet of materials handling equipment, but it is suitable for the new UX Series from Yale Europe Materials Handling.

Ferdinand Wiese & Sohn needed to replace an existing truck in its building yard. The company was on the search for good quality machines that performed tasks well, but without superfluous features. To assist with finding the ideal solution, Ferdinand Wiese & Sohn turned to Yale dealer MF Gabelstapler.

“We are careful not to simply sell equipment to our customers; we work with them to find the perfect fit and configure it,” said Bendix Sperber, salesperson at MF Gabelstapler. “We design the solution personally with the customer. It doesn’t matter whether the customer needs a single device or a full fleet, everyone is of equal importance and receives first-class, personalised advice throughout the sales process.” 

Taking into consideration the equipment being replaced in the work yard and the budget, both a used truck and a Yale Veracitor VX were suggested in the initial discussion. However, it was during an honest and direct moment during the conversation that it became clear the Yale UX Series was the way forward.
Ferdinand Wiese & Sohn was convinced by the level of performance of the Yale UX Series, as well as the attractive price. The company had perceived Yale to be a premium brand in the materials handling market, but learned through MF Gabelstapler that Yale offers new trucks for all budgets.

Used in the loading and offloading of trucks, the Yale UX Series truck moves a variety of loads around the yard. These are mainly pallets of goods but can often include big bags or, on rare occasions, attachments for the tractors and earthmovers. To enable it to transport these bulky loads with ease, the Yale truck features side shift and fork extensions.
The Yale UX Series was introduced in 2020 aimed at customers with low-intensity applications. Although they may only be used for short periods at a time, they are designed to provide the high levels of efficiency and productivity. The Yale UX Series can also be the ideal alternative to a used truck.

For more information, visit www.yale.com