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MAN starts robot pilot project

17 May 2022

MAN WILL automate the material supply in its motor factory with mobile robots from Magazino.

The mobile robot SOTO automates the material supply between the warehouse and the assembly line, by handling and transporting small load carriers (KLT) completely autonomously.

The pilot operation started at the Nuremberg site in the engine production for trucks and offers both sides the opportunity to gain experience with the robot for a future live operation.

MAN and Magazino have had a close development partnership in recent years. Among other things, Hard- and Software-, as well as environment requirements for a live operation in an Industrial Plant were defined. The pilot project is now scheduled to run for around one year and lays the foundation for implementing an entire fleet of SOTO robots in 2023.

Dr Ingo Essel, Plant Manager Nuremberg, says: “With the help of SOTO, the entire delivery process can be fully automated, from depalletising in the automated small parts warehouse to provisioning in assembly.”

The robot transports up to 24 small load carriers at the same time.

For more information, visit www.magazino.eu/produkte/soto/