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Manage warehouse energy costs

11 October 2019

With heightened reliance upon technology driving increases in electrical consumption at a time when costs are escalating, it is more important than ever to manage your usage efficiently and effectively.

The sheer amount of technology in the logistics setting has transformed productivity targets but these improvements also come with an unforeseen consequence, heightened electrical consumption.

Innovation in smart energy technologies can provide a solution.

Leading-edge solutions, such as voltage optimisation, can enable businesses to significantly enhance their energy efficiency while providing actionable insights through remote monitoring capabilities, both of which are core components for businesses looking to reduce costs and prepare for the flexible power future that is being formed to enhance the sustainability of the energy network. 

Voltage optimisation is a proven and reliable way of reducing electrical consumption and, consequently, energy costs while being a fit and forget technology that has minimal disruption to the daily operations of a business. Powerstar’s voltage optimisation technology provides guaranteed kWh consumption reductions of between 8-12%. It works by optimising the incoming supply voltage to a level that is better suited for the equipment on-site, reducing wasted energy and enhancing efficiency. This also prolongs the lifespan of electrical equipment.

Leading voltage optimisation providers offer bespoke solutions to best suit the requirements of the customer. Variations include defining the most suitable solution between fixed voltage optimisation, which reduces the voltage by a set amount, or variable voltage optimisation, which both reduces and stabilises the incoming voltage to enable a smoother supply for sites that experience a fluctuating voltage supply. 

In addition to the initial installation of such energy saving technologies, which is a simple process that follows a thorough site evaluation and is installed at minimal disruption to daily operations, ongoing efficiencies can be identified through the online remote monitoring capabilities that are inherent in the solutions.

This ability to track data can allow smart energy managers to interpret, analyse, and suggest future optimisations that could be made to the energy profile of the site in order to heighten its efficiency further.

Dr Alex Mardapittas, CEO, Powerstar