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Managing service operations

10 March 2020

The importance of effectively managing your service operations cannot be understated.

Field Service and Mobile Workforce Management offers the ability to track, locate & manage your remote workers in a dynamic way, all in real-time.

Traditional field service systems do not support mobile workforce management. Bar Code Data Mobile solutions, working in partnership with our software partner AltLogic, build advanced, cloud-based, fully hosted service management software that allows organisations the ability to manage their field operations and mobile workforce with equal efficiency.

The company says: "The core capabilities of AltLogic field service management software are cloud based scheduling and despatch tracked and updated in real time. Businesses are able to keep technicians on track, on time and get instant job completion notifications with the ability to re-route tasks based upon priority, location and customer service requirements. Invoicing is triggered instantaneously with real time customer sign-offs from a work site. We also have the ability to integrate with existing back office systems such a SAP, Oracle & Microsoft Navision to provide a single location for job data and billing."

If work order management is a priority for your business then the solutions can generate work orders with accurate data and alert the technician of a new job via the mobile app. The Field Logic platform makes your business at least 20% more efficient by keeping your mobile workforce connected, says the firm.

The field management solution is said to save a business hundreds of hours per engineer per year of wasted labour. It also combines with Zebra's Mobility Extensions (Mx) and Mobility DNA Solutions for greater security and management capabilities.

The kind of rapid ascent to prominence enjoyed by Android inevitably comes with certain question marks, and when Android first arrived in the enterprise space its security and management capabilities were still at an embryonic stage.

The perfect path towards an efficient, agile, mobile, Android-enabled workforce and the ideal partner with whom to make the journey. Deploying and supporting Android-driven mobility across key lines of business is plainly not just possible now, but necessary, and, with Zebra, there's a definitive way to do it.