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Manufacturer ends production of LPG models

07 April 2021

Narrow Aisle will no longer offer LP Gas-powered Flexi models, as part of its corporate responsibility towards the environment, the UK-based manufacturer has announced.

IT IS understood that Narrow Aisle is the first manufacturer in its sector to drop LPG-powered articulated trucks from its product portfolio. 

The company is focusing on the further development and production of battery-powered trucks with emphasis on lithium-ion technology which, Narrow Aisle believes, is ideally suited to the needs of modern, 24/7 logistics and e-fulfillment operations. 

Narrow Aisle MD John Maguire says: “As a company Narrow Aisle has pledged to operate in the most environmentally responsible way possible. Lithium-ion-powered trucks match the performance of LPG types but without the drawbacks of high fuel costs, noise and emissions, maintenance downtime and increasing legislation issues.

“The move towards battery-powered vehicles is gathering pace in the automotive industry and we are delighted to be taking a lead within our sector of the materials handling industry by announcing this elimination of LPG-powered Flexi trucks.”

Maguire adds: “For any multi-shift operation, switching from LPG to lithium-ion-powered materials handling equipment really is a ‘no-brainer’. A lithium-ion battery can be fully charged in under an hour and provides consistent voltage which means trucks do not slow down as the battery discharges. And, they do not emit any exhaust gases, which is clearly better for the working environment.”

For more information, visit www.flexi.co.uk