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More fresh products

04 March 2021

CAPRABO, SUPERMARKET chain Eroski Group’s distribution chain, commissioned AR Racking to fit out its strategic and new logistics platform located in the Free Zone (Barcelona).

The warehouse, which covers an area of 24,600 sq m, completes alongside the renovation of another of its distribution centres in the zone the strategic-logistics reorganisation carried out by Caprabo recently.

The facility has an AR Racking adjustable pallet racking system that has generated 5,154 positions for europallets. In addition, 137 carton flow levels have been integrated in the racking, facilitating the high-density storage of cartons and light products and enabling space saving and better stock rotation control. Furthermore, longspan shelving system was also installed for manual storage of medium-sized products.

The logistics platform is divided into 3 areas: 17,200 sq m for the fresh products platform, 3,400 sq m for the new Caprabo head office and a further 4,000 sq m for the online business. Eroski platform general services manager Faustino Etxenagusia explains: “This new distribution centre is part of a strategic transformation process for Caprabo. With the ZAL platform together with the rest of our logistics structure, we can increase the number of fresh products that we manage by 50%. The storage solution installed in a key warehouse like this will help us to simplify and greatly speed up the logistics of shipments to our stores.”

For more information, visit www.ar-racking.com