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Neovia Logistics expands use of smart glasses

29 June 2020

Due to coronavirus, Picavi carried out a global remote roll out of the pick-by-vision smart glasses for the 3PL.

The coronavirus pandemic is challenging project business but by investing in improving their processes, companies aim to gain a technological advantage once the crisis is over. 

US-based Neovia Logistics expanded the global roll-out of smart glasses. Remote installation support from Picavi’s pick-by-vision experts has made this possible.

Picavi has delivered over 180 pairs of glasses, which are currently in use at various locations in the USA and Europe. In the current roll-out. The hardware was prepared to make it quick and easy to install by the key users in the logistics centres. This involved setting up the customer software with a customised menu guide and connecting it to the warehouse management system on site. The hardware was connected before delivery, making it ready for use right away.

The on-site installation requirements were kept to a minimum. The glasses were connected to the respective site using the business intelligence software Picavi Cockpit, which features integrated mobile device management (MDM). The MDM has a location go-live function that connects the smart glasses with the on-site WLAN network and Picavi Cockpit. After some brief training, the pickers were ready to start work with the intuitive and user-friendly system. The new pick-by-vision smart glasses provide them with a navigation system that allows them to pick orders efficiently and without fatigue.