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New battery opens up new applications for Wave

02 February 2022

CROWN HAS equipped its popular Wave Work Assist Vehicle with lithium-ion batteries.

Starting immediately, customers can order Crown’s WAV 60 Series in one of two lithium-ion configurations. The upgrade has significantly boosted the Wave’s already impressive versatility – now that the vehicle supports opportunity charging, it can be used in a wide range of new applications.

Customers have a choice. For normal, everyday applications, Crown offers the V-Force Lithium-Ion Compact Battery (24 volts, 105 amp-hours) with an on-board 50-amp charger. Alternatively, for customers needing continuous, multi-shift operation, a 210 amp-hour configuration is available with an external charger. One major benefit is common to both configurations: whenever operators need to recharge the Wave, all they have to do is plug it into a standard power socket. Crown guarantees all V-Force Lithium-Ion Compact Batteries for 5 years.

The internationally renowned industry specialist and forklift tester Theo Egberts has taken a detailed look at the WAV 60 with V-Force lithium-ion batteries. His conclusion: “Compared to the model with lead-acid battery tested in 2017, this vehicle shows a significant increase in productivity while consuming less energy. In addition, the Wave is more agile and offers an even better driving experience.”

Crown marketing product manager EMEA Alexander Möllenkamp, adds: “We’re all already familiar with the obvious benefits of lithium-ion technology. This makes the Wave more flexible than ever, because now it’s available for use at short notice, even for unexpected jobs. And as maintenance-free V-Force lithium-ion batteries are more efficient, our customers can expect to see big productivity increases and cost savings over the long term.”

Crown’s battery range still includes a maintenance-free, lead-acid battery, so that each customer can opt for a tailor-made energy storage solution based on their specific application requirements and on-site infrastructure. 

The Wave is popular for working at heights of up to five metres in areas where ladders were previously commonplace. The multipurpose vehicle is designed to tackle a wide variety of jobs in busy, confined areas, in industries such as retail, distribution or manufacturing. It is ideally suited to handling and transporting smaller loads in receiving, shipping and put-away applications, as well as order picking. The Wave is also perfect for elevated maintenance and cleaning operations. 

Wave operators can drive along while simultaneously raising or lowering the operator platform, resulting in smooth, efficient workflows. The truck’s two AC motors deliver rapid acceleration and speeds of up to 8 km/h. 

The Wave’s load tray supports up to 90kg, while the fixed load deck can hold up to 115kg. For even greater flexibility when the truck is being loaded, customers also have the option of fitting a powered load tray with infinitely variable positioning.

For more information, visit www.crown.com