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New facility reduces damages

19 May 2022

O-I GLASS approached Spaciotempo when it required a new in-house storage facility to keep pallets & inventory protected from adverse weather conditions.

Previously, the company had been forced to store outside or even outsource to external storage facilities and due to adverse weather conditions, it resulted in a lot of damages. Down the years, this had cost the business a significant amount of money in unwanted transportation costs and replacements.

The partnership between the O-I Glass and Spaciotempo dates all the way back to 2016, the year the project was supposed to get off the ground. However, in trying to determine the best place on site to maximise the best possible storage space, the proposed location kept changing. The build was finally completed in 2022 and the client now has an impressive 1820 sq m in-house facility at its disposal inside the warehouse, which will help maintain the longevity of their pallet inventory for years to come, while keeping external logistics expenditure low.

Owing to the adaptability of the semi-permanent buildings, in the planning and installation of the structure, Spaciotempo were able to deliver a bespoke workaround to immovable groundworks on site. The stepped frame that was fitted around the obstacles increased the warehouse size and maximised space for the client – something that would prove much more difficult for a traditional building.

In addition, not many companies in the temporary and semi-permanent building sector can offer the 8m eave height that Spaciotempo installed on this project. This enabled O-I Glass Ltd to utilise the full interior span of the building by storing at an increased height right up to the apex. The Neivalu A-frame structure was also fitted with two roller shutter doors for forklift access into the warehouse, ensuring loading and unloading tasks are now completely streamlined, and an enhanced electrical heating system to keep the facility warm.

O-I Glass operations manager Jamie Galliers, says: “The additional space provided by the Spaciotempo warehouse will help to future proof the Alloa site by increasing our onsite storage and reducing our transport movements. This will help contribute to both cost and CO2 reductions.”

For more information, visit spaciotempo.co.uk