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New pedestrian and vehicle warning system

19 May 2022

COLLISIONS CAUSED caused by material handling equipment, such as forklift trucks are the second most common cause of heavy injuries, freight damages and inventory loss.

The new VAI-100 Pedestrian and Vehicle Warning System is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) camera solution designed to help prevent hazardous situations and accidents. The camera-based warning system constantly monitors the driving path of the forklift truck, scans its surroundings more than 50 times per second and automatically distinguishes between forward and reverse travel. Two fully configurable field-of-view safety zones (red or yellow) notify the truck driver of objects or people approaching hazardous areas.

As soon as an object breaches one of these zones the camera immediately captures time-stamped this breach event and warns the driver acoustically and visually. Without special apparel or wearables. He/she can immediately take countermeasures to avert the danger and to help maintain a culture of safety at the worksite.

All information from the camera and sensors is automatically combined there, evaluated with AI-based functions and made available for subsequent download and analyses. The two safety zones and the object types (people, vehicles, etc.) can be individually configured for each single forklift truck or the configuration can be cloned from truck to truck. The new stand-alone warning system works offline on every industrial truck. 

In addition, PowerFleet offers the integration to its ENTEPRISE fleet management solution for more detailed analyses. Scans and zone violations will be communicated to its VisionPro management software, evaluated digitally and displayed in the Visibility Tool. Retrofitting to existing ENTERPRISE installations is also possible.

PowerFleet will launch the VAI-100 Pedestrian and Vehicle Warning System for MHE at LogiMAT [May 31-June 2, Stuttgart]. Stand C77, Hall 10

For more information, visit eu.powerfleet.com