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Not all line marking is the same

07 December 2020

Before planning any new line marking for their facility, warehouse operators must assess how busy the intended area is likely to be; what will be stored there, what material handling movements are there likely to be, and who will have access.

Different variables apply to each warehouse, dependent on what the facility is used for, so it is important the review is as thorough as possible.

ASG Services has been supplying physical barriers, line marking and safety signs to warehouse operators as part of its core services for years. These have helped to ensure the safe segregation of people and machinery within the warehouse. 

By working in close collaboration with its customers, ASG Services helps them to understand which type of line marking will best suit their operation.

Shot Blasting is a durable and versatile method of floor marking favoured by many customers for speed of installation and lifespan. Specified for facilities with busy FLT movements, shot blasting can be installed on most floors, making it suitable for old and new warehouses or distribution centres which need cost-effective floor marking, but where long-lasting durability is not essential.

Diamond shaving involves ‘shaving’ an area of the concrete floor surface to reveal virgin concrete and a rough surface which helps the paint system key more firmly. This removes any seal or ‘Power Float’ coating and is done with the use of a specialised diamond blade shod machine to a depth of 1mm – 4mm.

The line edge created during this method provides an accurate and clean finish on prepared concrete, something not possible with other methods. This means the line edge does not fail as with other types, and significantly increases it ability to withstand constant use with forklift trucks and MHE.

In total, ASG Services works with four different preparations:

  • Unprepared
  • Shot blast with resin (Standard and quick drying)
  • Shot blast with UV (quick curing)
  • Diamond Shaving with resin (Standard and quick drying)

For more information on ASG Services line marking solutions, any or all of our solutions, visit www.asgservices.co.uk/floor-marking/anticipated-life-span/