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On Demand problem solving for warehouse operations

18 January 2021

HSS Live is On Demand featuring five great speakers offering a range of insights and innovative solutions you can use to revamp your operations.

We held Handling & Storage Solutions Live  – a free, virtual conference – on December 1 to help operators cope with the fast pace of change in warehousing and logistics.

How prepared are you for these challenges?

The pandemic, Brexit, eCommerce, and warehouse property trends are big picture issues that are tackled. 

Looking at more detail, we also see how to best deploy warehouse robots, how to make the most of warehouse space and how to make sure IT systems line up when innovative new solutions are implemented.

We are delighted with the varied programme and the highly informed and experienced speakers who can help you, with advice or solutions, to take operations up a notch.

Get your head around warehouse robotics

Our first speaker was Denis Niezgoda, Vice President Europe, Locus Robotics who presented on The "New normal" AMRs in a time of disruption

This presentation is from a leader in the field of flexible automated solutions, which is taking the warehousing world by storm. Locus Robotics has a deep warehouse heritage and in-depth, first-hand experience with the development and evolution of warehouse automation. Its powerful and intelligent autonomous solutions break out of the limitations of capital intensive, grid-based automation systems.

Denis himself is an accomplished leader with experience scouting, testing and deploying the latest technologies as well as strategising and advising across different industries. He has gained international experience in more than 30 countries and is instrumental in helping to establish Locus in Europe, leading its operations and initiatives.

Denis has unprecedented knowledge of this topic and so this is a must-see presentation.

In this presentation you’ll learn post-pandemic market dynamics, consumer trends, and labour patterns within the logistics space;

how industry leaders are turning the latest hurdles into an opening for growth with automation; and how robots leverage your current employee base to get more goods out the door faster.

The 2020 pandemic has brought significant changes to logistics industry worldwide. Whether these adjustments are viewed as challenges or opportunities, they all point to one realisation: there’s no going back. As companies work through these shifts, one thing is clear – fulfillment robots are adding stability and productivity to a bursting supply chain.

Save space and boost productivity in the packaging industry

The issue of a supply chain under strain applies equally to packaging manufacturers. The unstoppable rise of e-commerce has not only led to an increased demand for warehousing but also packaging. So, how can packaging manufacturers (and others) make the most of their warehouse space, ensuring both optimal storage density and productivity?

Luckily, as our second speaker we had Martin McVicar, MD of forklift manufacturer Combilift, who explained how the company’s products have enabled a major packaging supplier to optimise its warehouse space while keeping up with its ever growing production schedule. 

Combilift is the ideal firm to tackle this as it is the largest global manufacturer of multi-directional forklifts and has sold more than 50,000 units in over 85 countries since Combilift was established in 1998.

In the last few years, it has been operating from a large new factory (11 acres under roof) based in Monaghan, Ireland, on a ‘mass customisation’ basis, allowing end users to tailor products to suit their individual operations.

Furthermore, the company has an extensive Warehouse Design team that will help end users to assess their operation with a free, no-obligation warehouse layout service. This can be carried out a number of ways, remotely, or on-site, according to your preference.

The presentation is forced on a major global packaging manufacturer and focuses on issues such as greater packaging customisation, which increases storage complexity, which again means a joined up storage and materials handling solution is a must. View the presentation to see how the packaging manufacturer grew fast without needing to upgrade their existing facility. All while reducing the number of forklifts needed on site, as the Combilift Aisle-Master trucks operate easily from rack to truck.

Move fast on warehouse automation

Speed and efficiency is never far from the top of the priority list in all warehouse operations, which makes the next presentation so interesting. Not only is it acutely focused on improving performance, it is also looking closely at how complex solutions can be implemented much more quickly than before.

Shane Faulkner, Head of Sales for Swisslog in the UK presents ‘Off the Shelf’ automated solutions within 3 months. Log in to discover how solutions such as AutoStore and CarryPick can be delivered in as little as three months.

The impact of the current pandemic on the supply chain industry is immense. Coupled with the expected long-term shift in buying behaviour, it is clear that warehouses and distribution centres need fast solutions – without increasing labour.

With pre-defined layouts, these automated storage and retrieval (ASRS) technologies can be adapted as demand changes and can be installed in existing buildings. Depending on the project specification, it is even possible for the flexible systems to be rented or leased to preserve liquidity exactly when you need it.

Staying flexible enough to respond to changing market requirements is essential. The presentation reviews how automated storage solutions need to be scalable while maximising space and performance.

Swisslog is a major systems integrator with vast project experience with a huge array of clients, and is able to tackle a very broad range of automated warehousing challenges. Swisslog prides itself on listening with care and being on the customer’s side from concept study through to completed project and service.

UK warehouse property market snapshot

For our fourth presentation, Kevin Mofid, Head of Industrial Research, Savills discussed the logistics property landscape in the UK, demand trends and implications for warehouse and logistics managers.

Kevin is a superbly engaging speaker with a wealth of knowledge in logistics property, so there is no one better to listen to if you want to hear the big picture of warehouse property at a time of truly dramatic change. The presentation covers big sheds, the impact of the pandemic, the influence of Amazon, and much more. It takes a strong position on stresses and challenges the next few years will present to warehouse operators. This presentation is a must-see overview for anyone considering new or changing property space in the coming years.

Do the detail in eFulfillment

From the big picture, to the detail – Nick Fox, Head of Logistics - Europe, at fashion retailer Theory makes the argument that ‘doing the detail’ and making sure IT and warehouse operations knit together effectively is the key factor for anyone in warehousing who is considering or implementing a major systems change, such as automation.

Using a series of powerful analogies, Nick shows what can go wrong when detail is neglected or underestimated and outlines a methodology to help operators shape their thinking when facing challenging implementations. This is a must-see presentation, particularly if you have not specified and overseen an installation project before. It also works as a refresher for experienced managers, and will help arm you with questions when integrators present plans to boost performance. The extent to which this is realised is often, you guessed it, very much in the detail.

The content is available to view any time. Watch as much as you like, whenever you want.

You can register to access the presentations here - http://bit.ly/2GQgTMI

Not only do our speakers make excellent presentations, they answered questions from our live attendees as well. Indeed, if you have a query relating to the presentations, you can contact me on sduddy@westernbusiness.media

Great speakers

The full programme is:

  • The "New normal" - AMRs in a time of disruption - Denis Niezgoda, VP Europe, Locus Robotics
  • Saving space and boosting productivity - Martin McVicar, MD, Combilift
  • ‘Off the Shelf’ automated solutions within 3 months - Shane Faulkner, Head of Sales, Swisslog 
  • Do the detail in eFulfillment - Nick Fox, Head of Logistics - Europe, at fashion retailer Theory
  • Warehouse Property: Aftershock and pre-Peak - Kevin Mofid, Head of Industrial Research, Savills

The content is available to view any time. Watch as much as you like, whenever you want.

You can register to access the presentations here - http://bit.ly/2GQgTMI​

HSS Live sponsors

We’d like to extend a special thanks to sponsors Locus Robotics, Combilift and Swisslog for their invaluable help in putting together this content.

The content is available to view any time. Watch as much as you like, whenever you want.

You can register to access the content here - http://bit.ly/2GQgTMI