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Optimise warehouse process with intelligent systems

06 September 2019

Werma will showcase a card-less Kanban stock monitoring and replenishment system StockSAVER at IMHX.

It uses intelligent monitoring points to monitor and manage line side stock levels and automatically generate replenishment calls wirelessly. Reduce line side stock, improve cash flow and optimise the Kanban process.

A second system, SmartMONITOR uses conventional andon lights but with the addition of a wireless transmitter and receiver kit will monitor up and down time of machines and equipment and also collect other relevant data on machine performance. Notification of machine downtime can be sent immediately to the department to rectify, helping to reduce costly machine downtime.

The company says: "We will also be demonstrating AndonSPEED, an andon light based wireless call for action system which is proving popular in many online retail warehousing operations as well as industrial operations, manual workstations, for example.. The system will identify bottlenecks in the warehouse system and speed up response to disruptions to production by notifying the team required to intervene."

In addition a range of our well known beacon and sounder devices will be on show including the very latest designs with new features.

WERMA is the leading European manufacturer of industrial beacons and sounders and also innovative smart and intelligent systems for improving logistics processes. ​Stand 6E170