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Order picking at medium rack height 

02 November 2021

LINDE MATERIAL Handling has launched the Linde V modular B vertical order picker and turret truck. The “man-up” vehicle expands the intralogistics specialist’s product range for wide and narrow aisle warehouses.

Many warehouse operators solve the need for additional storage space by adding more racking and expanding racks upwards by one or two levels. As a result, the demands on the vehicles used for picking are growing in parallel: Picking heights can exceed seven metres, which means the vehicles must have a stable chassis as well as provide an ergonomic and safe working environment so that operators can fully concentrate on the picking process. 

With a load capacity of 1,000 kilograms and a reach height of up to 7.83 metres, the vehicles meet needs found in online retail, small parts logistics and factory supermarkets. At their core, they are based on the larger V modular series, with the “B” in the model name standing for “Best Value” and indicating that the vehicle comes equipped solely with features necessary for this picking height.

The trucks’ maximum driving speed of 11 km/h means movement is rapid. Comfort is provided by the spacious cab, which is decoupled from the chassis and thus cushioned from vibrations. A soft mat absorbs vibrations when the mast is raised during travel, and operators find secure footing on the firm surface at the edge of the cab floor while order picking. The low railing of the driver’s cab allows for easy, reliable picking of goods from the rack, and the optional outward tilt function allows for the extra few centimetres of movement that are often needed for better access in the racking. The mast design provides excellent visibility of the surroundings, and the electric steering makes it easy to maneuver with precision. Thanks to the modular vehicle concept, the vertical order pickers can be individually adapted to specific customer requirements. Depending on the power requirements, for example, a 24-volt and a 48-volt motor are available. 

The Linde V modular B is also equipped with various safety features. For example, the vehicle can only be moved when the driver touches the sensors on the control unit with both hands while standing on the dead man’s switch in the foot well. The electrically monitored side barriers must be closed for operation at platform heights of 1.2 meters and above. To prevent collisions with ceilings and walls, travel speeds and lifting heights can be individually adjusted by the service engineer to suit the respective conditions on site. For narrow aisle applications, scanners are available in the drive and load direction, which detect people and obstacles in the vicinity. The personnel protection system also actively intervenes in the vehicle’s drive mode in the event of an emergency, thus preventing collisions. 

For more information, visit www.linde-mh.co.uk