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Outdoor battery charging hub launched

14 July 2020

The Fronius Energy Hub is a flexible and mobile charging station for outdoor applications.

The hub gives operators of electric forklift trucks a quick and easy way to move the charging of their traction batteries outside, saving space in the warehouse and improving safety.

Unexpected capacity bottlenecks, a growing need for space in the warehouse and safety and fire prevention requirements are just some of the reasons why logistics managers opt to move their charging infrastructure outside. Charging areas and stations for electric forklifts take up a lot of space and there are also cases where charging traction batteries in confined spaces is prohibited for insurance reasons or there are strict requirements for the operation of lead acid and lithium-ion batteries. The challenge is finding a practical way to protect both batteries and chargers outside of the building from the weather and extreme temperatures, while also ensuring they are easily accessible for the forklifts.

Ewald Berger, head of project business at Fronius Perfect Charging says: “The mobile outdoor charging station is supplied ready-for-use and can be easily set up anywhere. From the customer’s perspective, all they need is some free space and a power connection.”

Thanks to the reinforced base, even heavy 80-Volt batteries can be put down safely. On request, the Fronius Energy Hub can also be combined with a Fronius photovoltaic system and inverters.

The Fronius Energy Hub is fitted with standard-compliant ventilation ex works. This circulates several hundred cubic metres of air per hour. Thanks to the system’s air heat exchanger, the warm air can remain in the container.

The Fronius Energy Hub complies with the charging station regulations EN 62485. It can also be ordered with a REI 90 fire rating. Furthermore, it features numerous smart functions, for example its exhaust air and monitoring sensor technology which automatically switches off the charging system if the hydrogen concentration gets too high, which can lead to the development of oxyhydrogen.

Rapid identification

The optional LED strip on the outside of the container clearly indicates the state of charge of each battery and therefore guides the employee intuitively to the battery that has been fully charged the longest and has already cooled down. The Fronius Energy Hub is available in various sizes and can be configured according to the customer’s requirements.