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Overhaul of rotating telehandlers range

03 May 2021

MANITOU GROUP has unveiled the new segments in its construction range with new compact fixed and ultra-compact telehandlers, as well as new articulated loaders. The group also ushered in a complete overhaul and extension of its range of rotating telehandlers.

To bring clarity to its range of rotating telehandlers, the group has decided to rename its two ranges under the new names VISION and VISION+. 

MRT product manager Carlo Alberto Razzoli explains: “We are seeking to harmonise our entire range by making it simpler. By modernising the design and ergonomics of our products, we are now able to offer a single cab across all the models in the range, thus providing excellent visibility to users whatever the model. Having the same cab also means having an equivalent control station on all models, making them quicker to get to grips with.”

Two new machines have been added to this offering with the MRT 1645 and MRT 1845 models for the VISION range. 

The highest capacities are grouped together in the VISION+ range, which features 12 new models. 

Manitou Group will be offering a full electric extension to the VISION+ range by the end of the year, as well as a hybrid version combining a smaller engine with a lithium-ion battery. 

Manitou Group has also announced an €80 million industrial investment plan for the redevelopment and expansion of its production sites in Ancenis, Candé and Laillé (France).

For more information, visit www.manitou-group.com