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PackMyRide promises fully automated loading

20 February 2019

Dematic has debuted PackMyRide at LogiMAT, which is said to be the first fully automated parcel loading solution concept for the last mile.

The PackMyRide subsystem is being tested in a pilot project in a new DPD distribution centre. There, the system picks up the packages from the existing intralogistics system and moves them to mobile racks via a rack feeder device. The racks are designed in a way that Dematic´s Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) can fully automatically transport them into the delivery vehicle.

This will eliminate physical work for delivery drivers, and add value by significantly reducing the time required for loading the vehicles. It is expected that up to 80% of the package range can be handled by the system. At LogiMAT, together with DPD, Dematic will be presenting Dematic PackMyRide to the public for the first time in the exclusive context of the Black Box.

Key Points

  • Pilot Subsystem successfully launched in collaboration with DPD.
  • Solution concept for fully automatic loading of the packages into a delivery vehicle.

Thomas Steverding, senior group manager for process & development at DPD Germany, explains why the parcel service provider readily participated in this project: "While our parcel sorter systems are already highly automated, at the end of the process the packages for the last mile are still handled completely manually today. For the first time, Dematic's innovative solution concept shows how we can support and relieve the human workforce at this point. We are very pleased to test this promising development."

How it works

Dematic PackMyRide receives the packages from the intralogistics system and transports them to a scanning unit, where volume, weight and barcode data are verified for optimal sorting. In the Dematic Sequencing Tower, the packages are then stored temporarily to pass them in the desired order to a pusher unit. At this point, the system differentiates between two types of packages. If something be wrong with the package, it will be redirected to a manual line.

Otherwise, the package is loaded onto a rack feeder that moves along lined up mobile racks and places the packages at the pre-calculated location. When a rack is fully loaded, it can easily be removed from the system and transported to the delivery vehicle manually. As an alternative, Dematic provides automatic transport with its AGV-Systems.

Dematic PackMyRide is not only suitable for parcel delivery companies, but can also be used in other industry sectors. 

LogiMAT Hall 1, booth H61