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Pallet trucks for tight spaces

21 February 2019

The EP12WS and the ES10-N01 are Baoli’s solution for the needs of small warehouses, in tight spaces and non-intensive handling of goods.

The products are said to be the perfect synthesis between German technology and design and the competitive prices of Far Eastern products.

The EP 12WS is an electric pallet truck with capacity of 1.2t combining efficiency and low management costs. 

The company says: “The EP 12WS differentiates for its light but strong structure, ensuring reliability and ease of use, and makes it perfect for operating in each situation: from discharging trucks, to use in small warehouses and in shops.”

EP 12WS is provided with a 650W DC drive motor and can handle ramps up to 4% when laden, and up to 10% when unladen.

The truck is powered by li-ion batteries of 20 or 26 Ah maintenance free. A single charge gives up to 3 hours of continuous working, and has short charging time. A full charge lasts only 2.5 hours.

EP 12WS is provided with a simple and ergonomic tiller with controls, battery level indicator and starting key. The truck also has an electric parking brake.

The Baoli’s bestseller ES 10-N01 represents the perfect choice for non-intensive work situations: it is compact and functional, can handle loads of up to 1000kg, has a comfortable 4-support-point layout and an ergonomic side tiller for excellent stability and driveability.

In order to guarantee maximum flexibility of use the ES10 is also fitted with 2×12/85Ah automotive batteries with built-in battery chargers and it features a battery charge indicator with lifting cut-off function.

The truck is available with lifting columns up to 3.5m.