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Plastic pallet prices stable

15 April 2021

THE PRICE of new wooden pallets is expected to increase 18% this month, on top of the 18% rise seen in January, says Goplasticpallets.com. Continued pressure on the availability of timber has been cited as a reason for the increase.

Plastic pallet prices have been stable on the other hand.

Goplasticpallets.com MD Jim Hardisty says: “As the price of wooden pallets continues to rise, we’re seeing the price gap with our recycled plastic pallets rapidly narrowing. This could be a game changer for the UK pallet industry.

“We’re already seeing more widespread use of plastic pallets in the food and pharmaceutical industries – which has increased further since the Covid-19 pandemic, but the export market too is recognising the benefits of switching to plastic.

“In January new post-Brexit trade rules made it compulsory for all wooden pallets carrying goods between the UK and EU to be heat treated and certified to meet ISPM15 regulations. Failure to do so could see consignments being rejected at the borders – another major setback for wooden pallet users. Heat treatment capacity in the UK is already being stretched to its limits, yet while this goes on, plastic pallets remain completely exempt from ISPM15 heat treatment requirements.”

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