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Postcards from the Edge

15 August 2019

A new Mobility Edge device from Honeywell is said to offer long operational lifecycle combined with best-in-class ruggedness.

Honeywell unveiled the CK65 Mobile Computer, which can boost supply chain productivity by streamlining and error-proofing work in distribution centres and manufacturing environments.

The rugged mobile computer works within a comprehensive software ecosystem including Honeywell’s voice-guided software, Honeywell Operational Intelligence, and a set of deployment utilities that integrate with mobile device management and enterprise mobility management solutions.

The device has up to 28-hour battery life and provides an easy path for users migrating from legacy Windows operating systems to the Android platform.

The CK65 is built on Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform, a unified hardware and software architecture with an integrated software toolset. It guarantees support through Android R, and is designed to enable IT departments to reuse their investment in solution development and software certification across multiple computer form factors.

With a Honeywell Edge Services contract including five years of Sentinel security patches, CK65 users can expect secure, productive use through 2028.

The mobile computer is suited for applications across the logistics and manufacturing sectors, including receiving, put-away, cross docking, shipping accuracy, parts/material/work in progress tracking and inventory management.

“Built on the Mobility Edge platform, the CK65 is the next generation in Honeywell’s long legacy of providing industry-leading ruggedised mobile computers for the warehouse,” said Michael Noyes, vice president for Mobility, Scan and Print for Honeywell’s Productivity Products business. “The CK65, along with Honeywell Edge Services, is designed to maximise productivity and uptime while reducing the cost to support, providing the solutions customers investing in handheld devices need.”


Many warehouse operators are now faced with the challenge of migrating from legacy Windows devices to Android.

Honeywell and its partners provide support for new Android application development and Windows-to-Android migration. Starting with a concept and design workshop, users can get help with development, test, implementation, deployment and support of Android-based solutions, whether migrating from Windows or starting from scratch.

The mobile computer is backward-compatible with accessories owned by users of Honeywell’s popular CK3X and CK3R mobile computers, and easily adaptable to FlexDock accessories owned by users of CK71 and CK75 computers.

The CK65 is validated by Android Enterprise Recommended, a Google-led initiative that helps businesses select, deploy, and manage Android devices and services best suited to their enterprise needs.


The CK65 comes with a pre-installed software client pack including a secure enterprise browser, application launcher and pre-licensed, Honeywell SmartTE powered by StayLinked terminal emulation software.

SmartTE ensures high speed, secure access to back-end warehouse management system software while virtually eliminating dropped sessions during interruptions such as shift changes, network issues and battery replacements. The software can enhance productivity by transforming "green screens" into easy-to-use, graphical user interfaces with no changes to the underlying enterprise application.

The mobile computer supports Honeywell’s Guided Work Solutions, based on the company’s Vocollect voice technology. The worker-focused software can be integrated with multiple enterprise resource planning platforms for distribution centres of all sizes.

The CK65 can be connected to Honeywell Operational Intelligence, an intuitive, cloud-based software solution that systematically tracks, manages and optimises mobile computers – across all locations – throughout the operational lifecycle, simplifying the return-to-manufacturer authorisation process.

By leveraging the capabilities of the Mobility Edge platform and edge machine learning, Operational Intelligence will detect, log and report abnormal fall and impact events during operations, helping users to maximise the life of the physical asset.

Guided Work Solutions, Operational Intelligence and other leading software applications can be downloaded through the Honeywell Marketplace, an enterprise app store designed to provide businesses with direct access to software and solutions developed by Honeywell and third-party partners. The Honeywell Marketplace is designed to be the leading place for enterprises to find such solutions.

Hardware platform

The CK65 is built to survive drops of 8 feet to concrete across the operating temperature range. It features a 7th-generation scan engine delivering exceptional speed and motion tolerance. With standard and long-range options, the CK65 reads a complete range of linear and 2D codes, including, with additional software dot peen and laser-etched direct-parts-marked codes employed in automotive and other manufacturing environments.