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Power by the hour

12 November 2021

BOILER MANUFACTURER Vaillant has made a transition from lead acid to Lithium-ion forklift batteries. It partnered with Jungheinrich to introduce a new 26 vehicle Lithium-ion fleet to operations.

The new fleet has increased the capacity on some of its larger trucks from 2.5 tonnes to 3.5 tonnes through a combination of ETV 216i reach trucks and conventional counterbalances, allowing the vehicles to cater for the pressed steel works and tools. The ETV 216i is the core product in the new fleet and is the first reach truck in the world with an integrated Lithium-ion battery, aiding the progression towards sustainability goals.

During the transition, Vaillant also was able to take advantage of Jungheinrich’s ‘Power By The Hour’ initiative - a flexible way to pay for only the hours the truck is used for. With the new fleet, Vaillant have been able to eliminate battery change from their operations by utilising opportunity charging. The new Lithium and rapid interim charging times enable a virtually continuous operation on a 24/7 basis and pickers on site have seen improvements in productivity and efficiency as manual handling is reduced with increased uptime.

Jungheinrich region one business director Neil Warren, says: “We are very passionate about providing sustainable solutions for our customers that also complement business objectives.”

For more information, visit www.jungheinrich.co.uk