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Power steering pallet truck

01 March 2019

Clark presented its PPFXS20 pallet truck for the first time at LogiMAT.

The compact truck has a capacity of 2,000kg and extends the Clark product range in the field of warehousing technology.

The pallet truck with integrated platform is designed for loading and unloading lorries, transporting loads as well as picking various goods. The truck is also suited for loading and unloading lorries via ramps. The bevelled chassis prevents snagging or jamming at ramp transitions, ensuring safe and efficient ramp travel.

The maintenance-free and enclosed 2.5kW three-phase traction motor with a top speed of 12km/h and the powerful 2.0kW lift motor of the PPFXS20 ensure maximum efficiency when lifting and lowering loads. Thanks to the high battery capacity of 375Ah, the trucks achieve optimum battery life even in demanding applications. The pallet truck available with lateral battery replacement as standard. Batteries are replaced via a roller bed.

The ergonomic controls can be used intuitively by both left-handed and right-handed people, with fully electric power steering. The automatic reduction of the travel speed as well as the twin caster wheels ensure a high degree of safety when cornering.

For handling and horizontal transport over long distances, the side entry offers maximum comfort and safety for the driver. The driver can lean comfortably against the padded backrest. The driver's platform is fully suspended and guarantees vibration-free operation so that the driver can concentrate on his work. The rounded fork tips allow for quick threading into the pallet, thereby contributing to a high goods turnover.

Clark also enhanced its S-Series of counterbalance trucks. The S-Series, featuring S20-35 diesel super-elastic or pneumatic forklift trucks and S20C-32C LPG forklift trucks with cushion tyres, is now equipped with a Tier 5 Ford LPG engine. The new engines offer the operator excellent acceleration and powerful operation with highly economical consumption. By decoupling the engine, transmission and drive axle, Clark has reduced vibration and noise to a minimum. 

With the new DBS system, the steering axle of the truck is stabilised in such a way that when cornering, the tipover risk is reduced and handling is improved. DBS is now standard on all models of the S-Series. 

In addition to standard uprights, as well as Hilo and triplex masts, quad masts are available for the first time for the European market for the S-Series. These are ideal, for example, when it comes to loading and unloading containers and simultaneous storage and retrieval from high bay racking.

The S-Series comes in capacities from 2 to 3.5t.