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Powered pallet trucks can help avoid injuries

02 November 2021

EACH YEAR in Britain some 150,000 people are injured and about two million suffer from ill health caused or made worse by their work – with back strains and other musculoskeletal disorders brought on by manual handling tasks among the main causes of staff absenteeism.

Manual handling covers a wide range of activities including lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying and, while not all manual handling processes are hazardous, the reality is that - due to the nature of their work - most warehouse or distribution centre personnel will be at risk of manual handling injury at some point during the course of their daily activities.

So, with stricter legislation and increasing public expectation making every company’s commitment to health and safety management more critical than ever, it makes a lot of sense to reduce or, ideally, eliminate manual handling wherever possible.

A lot of the hard physical work that takes place within and around a warehouse environment or, indeed, a retail outlet can be cut out simply and highly cost-effectively by upgrading manually-operated pallet trucks with powered pallet trucks.

Toyota's powered pallet truck is easy to control and considerably less tiring to work with than manual or ‘pump’ trucks and therefore personnel are likely to suffer fewer strain-related injuries when using them.

The BT Tyro LHE130 from Toyota is an entry-level powered pallet truck that has been designed for light applications. Available with Lithium-Ion technology for energy efficiency, the LHE130 is manoeuvered effortlessly and can lift and transport loads weighing up to 1300kg, while its compact design and ‘creep speed’ functionality make it ideal for applications where space is confined.

The BT Tyro’s Lithium-Ion battery ensures truck availability and greater operational flexibility thanks to its ability to be ‘opportunity charged’ anywhere within the warehouse facility.

Toyota offers the BT Tyro with two types of fork carriage, making the truck suitable for both UK and Euro pallets.

To optimise safety when transporting loads, Toyota’s new powered pallet truck automatically reduces its speed when cornering. And to ensure that only authorised personnel can operate it, the BT Tyro requires PIN code access.

Aside from reducing the risks of manual handling injury, powered pallet trucks can deliver increases in productivity, with the number of pallets moved per hour usually much higher than when manual trucks are used.

For more information, visit www.toyota-forklifts.co.uk