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Powerful and sure footed

27 September 2021

The Mitsubishi EDiA XL electric forklift delivers all of the power of a diesel but with none of the noise or emissions, says Stewart Gosling.

THE NEW EDiA XL will do everything a diesel can do… only better. It is the first electric to fully overcome every issue that may have stopped some owners of IC engine trucks from making the switch to electric.

Take ramp work. The AutoBoost feature automatically delivers additional power where and when it’s needed – such as driving up inclines. You want torque? The EDiA XL delivers it instantly and is supremely sure-footed. That’s down to the Four Wheel Steering allied to another innovation: the electric differential lock that ensures ultimate traction and control, even in the most hostile environments, indoors or outside.

At the rear of the truck the wheels turn through a massive 100-degree lock to help deliver the smallest turning circle on the market – typically 500mm less than diesel models – to generate greater storage density. What’s more, because the EDiA XL utilises Four Wheel Steering, it literally turns on the spot and there is no “push-back” when setting off at full lock, eliminating damage to stock or racking.

As for non-stop availability, the EDiA XL is the most energy-efficient electric counterbalance in its class so works unusually long shifts. It can be fitted with conventional lead acid batteries for single shift operations, QUASAR HD batteries that can run 1-2 shifts with a single battery, or lithium-ion batteries for multi-shift operations.

For the operator, EDiA XL means total predictability and swift, smooth handling working in an utterly stress-free environment. 

Rubber mountings on the spacious car-comfort cabin dramatically reduce microvibrations while noise levels inside the cabin are extremely low at just 65dB. Indeed, it features the quietest hydraulic pump on the market.

For confident operation, the EDiA XL features innovative controls such as Dual Joysticks, which offer simultaneous lift and tilt functions, and the fully adjustable seat allows the operator to create the perfect driving position for their needs.

You want torque? The EDiA XL delivers it instantly and is supremely sure-footed. That’s down to the Four Wheel Steering allied to the electric differential lock.

Optimised mast, steering wheel, and ultra-low dash and counterweight designs combine to deliver unparalleled visibility to loads and forks as well as to front and rear wheels so there is no guesswork, simply safe operation in the tightest spaces.

Performance around the site is optimised with the help of intuitive handling software on the EDiA XL that automatically adapts performance characteristics to the driving style and ability of each individual driver. 

Similarly, its Intelligent Cornering System calculates the speed, steering angle and load at the very start of a turn (rather than half-way through it, as with rival systems), and automatically adjusts truck speed to ensure optimum handling when cornering — maximising both throughput and safety. 

Meanwhile, advanced sensing features like the Adaptive Lift Control and Passive Sway Control ensure lift and lower operations are smooth, stable, consistent and jolt-free regardless of load weight. 

If predictability and safety are indeed the most important factors in optimising operator performance, then the EDiA XL —available in capacities from 4 to 5.5 tonnes — is setting an entirely new standard, far ahead of both electric and certainly diesel competitors.

EDiA XL is built to perform in any application, from manufacturing and production to distribution and processing. It is even well-suited to heavy-duty industries previously associated with requiring diesel, such as wood and metal production, recycling, and builders' merchants.

Add to that zero emissions, less maintenance (so less downtime) greater reliability, lower stress-related absenteeism plus greater safety, and the only question is “What are you waiting for?”  

Stewart Gosling, RDD (exclusive UK importer for Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks)

For more information, visit www.mitsubishi-forklift.co.uk