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Practical green packaging options

03 March 2022

When handling and storing goods, the food and drink sector is one that requires specialised solutions owing to the utmost importance of optimal health and hygiene, says Kite Packaging.

MEAT AND fish exacerbate this issue and demand frozen temperatures during transit. Historically, polystyrene has been the only viable option for providing long-lasting thermal control. Yet, the bespoke solutions team at Kite Packaging have invented a new product that is plastic-free, 100% recyclable and cheaper than other eco-friendly alternatives that have been previously suggested. Partnering this development with other eco-conscious products within the range empowers businesses to embrace green supply chains and enhance their own marketing as a socially responsible brand.n

Kite has launched corrugated insulating box liners as the new eco-friendly way of transporting temperature sensitive items. The packaging was first offered as a unique product to fulfil a specific customer’s need for plastic-free and fully recyclable chilled packaging. However, the paper liners are now available to order direct from Kite’s eCommerce website on account of the soaring demand for environmentally sensitive wrapping. Polystyrene is extremely slow to degrade and risks introducing toxic chemicals into our environment. In contrast, Kite’s new product is comprised of double wall corrugated 125gsm paper which expertly keeps internal temperatures below freezing for 35 hours, hence providing a workable sustainable substitute with the same thermal qualities as polystyrene. Indeed, the corrugated liners were independently proven to be as effective as a polystyrene pack for the full testing period of 48 hours. 

The innovative product consists of two identical pads for the top and bottom and four pads for each side, fitting exactly into corresponding stock box sizes detailed on the product page. This forms a secure fit unlikely to move about during transit. The result is that every surface area is thermally lined for a comprehensive shield against external changes in temperature that may otherwise affect the products inside. The BC flute corrugation also provides durable shock absorption to guard against any knocks or bumps that may occur while goods are being transported, protecting the contents.

Kite has launched corrugated insulating box liners as the new eco-friendly way of transporting temperature sensitive items.

Insulating box liners maintain internal temperatures, which are kept low by coolants such as water or gel ice packs also supplied by Kite. The water ice pack mirrors the employee share-owned company’s dedication to sourcing sustainable alternatives to environmentally damaging industry standards. Gel packs can harm our environment due to the microplastics that can be released into our waterways when disposing of its contents. The gel consists of an absorbent plastic polymer and the results of substances like this being consumed by wildlife and humans via the water cycle is currently unknown. On the other hand, water packs merely contain water which is one of the cleanest and safest substances there is.

The entire chilled solution proposed by Kite Packaging utilises intelligent eco-friendly initiatives to keep food and drink items at a freezing temperature. This permits safe transportation and storage, essential elements in the smooth running of a business handling meat, fish, pharmaceuticals or any other temperature sensitive items. The Kite group’s extensive range of expertise equips them with the knowhow to solve virtually any packaging problem presented to them. Alongside the thriving eCommerce website, there exists a team committed to designing and manufacturing custom packaging to suit specialised needs such as these. It is simple to get in touch and begin elevating your brand today.

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