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Primark shakes up store delivery

17 November 2021

THE BRICKS and mortar fashion retailer has awarded a five year contract to Wincanton for the provision of transport services to all its UK stores.

Under the contract, which begins early next year, Wincanton will make more than 50,000 deliveries to 191 stores across the UK each year. As part of the operations, Wincanton and Primark will work to ensure a reduction in carbon emissions, for example reducing distances travelled by HGVs by 15% and increasing the use of alternative fuels.

More than 100 colleagues will stay on in their roles and join the Wincanton team. These colleagues will primarily be engaged across transport operations, conducting deliveries nationwide

Wincanton’s single platform technology suite Winsight will manage all transportation activity across Primark’s UK supply chain. Wincanton will embed this and other execution tools as part of its commitment to continuous improvement to optimise its network. This will ensure broader collaboration on key points, such as capacity, within the wider supply chain.

Primark director of logistics Mark Shirley, said: “Wincanton has developed sustainable solutions that will bolster Primark’s logistics capacity in the UK and we look forward to continuing to innovate and improve our transport operations.”