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Free trial launches

20 October 2021

NULOGY HAS announced the free trial release of its standalone Production Scheduling Solution for all contract manufacturers and co-packers in the supply chain industry.

The Nulogy Production Scheduling Solution is an intuitive, real-time visualisation tool that enables contract manufacturers and co-packers to quickly assess and optimise their production schedules based on various constraining factors, such as order promise date, planned downtimes, changeovers, labour availability, material availability, run rates by product and equipment, and more. 

The solution is purpose-built for the complexities involved in contract packaging and manufacturing operations, as well as the multiple factors required to manage and adjust a contract supplier’s production schedule.  

The standalone release of the Production Scheduling Solution offers any contract supplier a free, 60-day test run of the cutting-edge capabilities that the Nulogy platform provides. 

Launched earlier this year, the Production Scheduling Solution was previously available only to contract supplier businesses using the Nulogy platform but is now open to the general market.

“As the fast-moving consumer goods industry continues to rapidly evolve, it is critical that contract suppliers today have the modern tools needed to thrive as well as deliver superior service,” said Josephine Coombe, managing director for Nulogy in Europe.

“By launching our free trial of the Nulogy Production Scheduling Solution, we are offering both contract manufacturers and co-packers a glimpse into how purpose-built, data-driven digital tools can make their businesses more agile and efficient, while enabling them to better serve brand manufacturer customers.”

By replacing spreadsheet-based scheduling workflows, customers using the Nulogy Production Scheduling Solution have observed operational gains such as:

  • More than 100% improvement in scheduling efficiency
  • More than 20% On-Time In-Full improvement
  • More than 20% profitability improvement through labour cost reduction

To sign up for the Nulogy Production Scheduling Solution standalone trial, interested contract manufacturers and co-packers can visit the Nulogy website.

For more information, visit www.nulogy.com