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Promstahl launches in UK

02 November 2020

A prominent European loading bay manufacturer has launched to the UK market with the recruitment of two leading lights in the industry.

Joint managing directors Tom Langley and Paul Harrison (both ex-Hörmann Group) have strong reputations in the UK loading bay sector. They will run the UK branch of Promstahl.

Promstahl has been supplying products to the UK trade for the last nine years and the products have been well received, said Tom. Part of the rationale for the establishment of the UK operation of Promstahl is to give these trade suppliers better support. In addition, given the experience of the joint MDs, the firm is also targeting project work in the UK loading bay sector and is busy building relationships with developers, contractors and architects.

Tom Langley spoke to H&SS editor Simon Duddy about the exciting new launch.

“We’ve used the relative quiet of last six months in the wake of the pandemic to set up the business in the UK. Now we have it where we want it to be, and we are ready to go to market,” explained Tom.

These are uncertain times. The market is quiet, with some companies reluctant to commit to decisions and investments but this is against a background of increased warehouse activity as trends such as eComm have come to the fore during the pandemic.

I asked Tom how he saw prospects for 2021.

“We obviously had the lockdown but then things started to pick up again, with construction sites re-opening. That said, Covid is still around, it’s lasted longer than anyone expected. No one can say with 100% certainty we will be in a different position next year. 

“But from our point of view we are starting small, we’re not looking for the big numbers. We’re looking to work with good clients, and rather than being a production machine, we are focused on offering a superior service, and good quality products well implemented.

“We have 10-15 trade partners who have been buying our products on a regular basis and now we can support them more locally, increase business and boost the brand.

“Our mission is to find the right mix between growing the trade side, supporting existing trade business and looking at select projects we’d like to do ourselves. That’s where our expertise lies.”

I asked Tom where he saw Promstahl’s key strengths lying. 

“It’s the specials,” Tom replied. “Where we are different is the factory will specialise in non-standard products. For instance, if you go to a mainstream manufacturer and you want non-standard you pay a premium, whereas we can make good quality, bespoke products very competitively. In addition, Paul works on the sales side, and I have experience in order processing and project managment, so we have a good mix of skills and a lot of experience.”

Poland-based Promstahl focuses on loading bay equipment for the commercial sector. It specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and service of loading dock equipment including – hydraulic dock levellers, mechanical dock levellers, dock shelters, dock houses and a wide range of loading bay accessories. It partners with major European manufacturer Alpha Deuren on the supply of industrial doors.

For more information, visit www.promstahl.com