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Protection from the elements

03 November 2021

STAFF AT DBK Technitherm can face the winter knowing they won’t have to battle the elements, thanks to Union Industries.

DBK Technitherm industrial thermal management, which manufactures industrial heaters and cooling systems, has replaced its main warehouse door with a Bulldoor from Union Industries, with a view to reducing fuel bills and protecting staff from wind and rain blowing into the building in Llantrisant, South Wales.

The firm was looking for a more robust, reliable high-speed door to cope with wet and windy conditions, at the same time as being efficient enough to withstand a large amount of vehicle and personnel traffic.

Initially, the Bulldoor was not in the firm’s budget, but this piqued the interest of Mark Hargraves, site engineer for DBK Technitherm, who wanted to understand why the door was priced at a premium.

Union Industries technical sales engineer Richard Tarleton, says: “We invited them to a neighbouring existing customer of ours, to speak first-hand with their site services manager of his positive experiences with our doors and previous experience of buying cheap meaning you buy twice. It soon became clear that our Bulldoor would be the most economical solution for our new customer DBK Technitherm over the long term.”

As Union Industries manufactures its own bespoke doors, the company was able to work closely with Mark to arrange the install around their summer shutdown programme in time for winter providing a quick turnaround from point of order to install.

Richard said: “Based on DBK’s experience with competitor high speed doors, we wanted to understand how we could offer a better product and service and the fact we manufacture here in the UK with parts available next day and our 24-hour response time ticked all the boxes.

“The company was also looking for the door to be mounted externally and this was no problem for us at Union Industries.  The result is that DBK Technitherm has a door that protects the warehouse from wet and windy conditions and operates effectively when used all day, every day as the main ‘goods in’ doorway.”

Mark Hargraves, says: “We needed to replace our main warehouse external door with something that would help to save on heating bills in winter months and also improve the welfare of our staff to boost morale and efficiencies in production.

“We looked at several suppliers of this type of door, however, the Bulldoor from Union Industries stood out from the crowd in terms of quality of build and reliability. We were also impressed with the professional manner in every step taken by Union Industries, from initial enquiry and quotation through to installation and sign off.

“From sales to install team, it was a smooth, easy process and we would gladly recommend Union Industries.”

For more information, visit www.unionindustries.co.uk