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Puma logistics hub goes live

27 April 2021

The central logistics hub for Europe is said to be one of the most advanced fulfilment centres for fashion, and can process up to 74 million SKUs per year.

On 6 April 2021, the European central warehouse of the sports company PUMA SE commenced operations. The successful go-live of the highly automated logistics hub is one more milestone in the collaboration between PUMA and TGW.

The omni-channel distribution centre measuring 63,000 sq m ships to retailers, wholesalers and online customers. Thanks to the close collaborative partnership between the companies involved in the project, it was possible to adhere to the challenging schedule – despite the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The powerhouse of the plant is a FlashPick system from TGW specifically designed for combining different sales channels. More than 700,000 storage locations for shoes, fashion and accessories are available in an area equal to about nine football fields. Five hundred shuttle robots automatically retrieve the cartons from their storage spaces before they reach picking and subsequently packaging. They are transported over a network of more than 21 kilometres of energy-efficient KingDrive conveyor equipment.

74 million SKUs per year

A customer's order takes, on average, only ten minutes from start to finish. This means up to 74 million SKUs per year will make their way to PUMA brick-and-mortar and online customers in future.

All in all, about 200 million euros have been invested in this CO2-neutral logistics hub, which is certified in accordance with the U.S. LEED Gold standard. Special emphasis was put on sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental compatibility. Features include an optimally insulated building envelope, a photovoltaic system of several thousand square metres, the use of certified green electricity, and particularly energy-efficient intralogistics modules such as TGW KingDrive, which reduces energy consumption by up to 30% compared to systems with conventional conveyor equipment.

For more information, visit www.tgw-group.com