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Rack inspection team to double

12 July 2021

AS WAREHOUSING operations across the UK come increasingly under pressure, The Rack Group is seeing heightened demand for racking inspections, maintenance and repairs.

In response, The Rack Group is making considerable investment into its racking inspection division, doubling the team size and scaling its best-in-class inspection offering.

Jeroen van den Berge, CEO for IWS Group - the parent company of The Rack Group said: “While warehousing operations are getting increasingly sizeable and complex for businesses across the UK & Ireland, there continues to be a strong focus on maintaining good health and safety practises.

“More movement of materials and goods puts extra strain and pressure on racking systems. Not only do companies need to ensure their racking systems are safe and compliant, but they also need to ensure that any issues or repairs are dealt with quickly and safely.

“It’s no surprise that we have seen a heightened demand for these services. The investment in The Rack Group's inspection division further supports our commitment to our customers.”

For more information, visit www.therackgroup.com