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Rack safety white paper launches

29 May 2021

THE UK is in the grip of a growth explosion in warehousing and logistics supply. Forecasts suggest that the surge in online sales in 2020 has created a need for an additional 30 million sq. ft of warehouse space.

With a third of UK retail sales expected to take place online by 2024, this trend is only set to continue. This has led to robust growth in the demand for racking fit outs and efficient space solutions such as mezzanine floor installations, allowing for increasingly efficient supply chain operations. 

It is important that this extra capacity is delivered in a safe, sustainable way which is why Horizon Platforms have launched the whitepaper - Advice on the safe operation of MEWPs and FLTs during the installation and reconfiguration of racking.

The whitepaper explores best practice advice and tips on safer working and risk management, particularly in respect to the on-site usage of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) and Forklift Trucks.

The free resource provides a broad introduction to some of the most crucial considerations necessary for a safe and successful installation programme.

The whitepaper covers areas relating to:

  • Project considerations and machine selection
  • Safe operation and advice on checks and record keeping
  • Emergency Plans: scope, contents and who is responsible
  • Safe handling of racking materials with machines
  • Tips for operating in restricted space
  • Advice linked to the installation of mezzanine floors

Chris Wraith, former health and safety executive at the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) who contributed to the Whitepaper said: “The very nature of racking installs bring with it various levels of risk, some of them extreme. It is crucial therefore that companies working in this space operate using best practice principles, much of which is contained in this Whitepaper.”

The free whitepaper is available to download here: http://resources.horizonplatforms.co.uk/racking-wp