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Radical microdepot concept on show from Swisslog at LogiMAT

15 January 2019

With the QTainer concept making its debut at LogiMAT 2019, Swisslog is contributing to shaping the future of logistical supply to metropolitan areas.

It is based on the observation that Industry 4.0 will prompt manufacturers to transition to demand-based production and deliver directly to the destination. Furthermore, the growing volumes in e-commerce require new concepts for city logistics to meet the growing concentrations of population in large cities. Both trends have an enormous impact on logistics processes.

With the QTainer, Swisslog will present at LogiMAT a concept for a flexible, mobile microdepot – a community warehouse with automated storage systems that enables efficient and reliable distribution in the smart city of tomorrow. Swisslog hopes its smart city concepts will encourage discussion and invites all those interested to participate.

"Above all, our solutions are flexible and forward-looking, and they acknowledge the dynamic environment in which our customers operate. So we afford them crucial advantages in efficiency. We look forward to discussing those advantages with trade fair visitors personally. But we are also thinking further ahead, because digitalisation reaches far beyond the warehouse. That's where the QTainer pop-up warehouse concept comes in," explains Dr. Christian Baur, CEO of Swisslog Logistics Automation.

Warehouse solutions

Trade fair visitors can see networked, flexible and expandable plug-and-play solutions in action at the Swisslog booth. They are guided by the principle, Future-ready automation: Flexible, robotic, data-driven.

The main exhibit will feature the dynamic interaction of innovative robotic components with Swisslog’s intelligent and modular SynQ software platform at its core. SynQ orchestrates the interaction of the individual robotics and warehouse technologies and provides for effective monitoring of ongoing processes. For the user, this means greater transparency over material flow processes and the ability to continually optimise, which boosts workflow efficiency.


Another highlight of the exhibit will be the next generation of the ItemPiQ robotic picking system. With this solution, Swisslog has developed a unique system that supports dramatically faster work processes with improved precision. ItemPiQ is highly versatile for easy adaptation to the customer's changing product palette. Aided by artificial intelligence, the system "learns" the optimal picking method for each new item.


ItemPiQ can also be linked to the compact AutoStore warehouse storage and picking system via the standard ItemPiQBox interface. As the world's leading integrator of AutoStore with more than 130 successful installations, Swisslog gives both its current and new customers rapid and easy entrance into the world of fully automated single-item picking. Hall 1 Booth B51