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Reach truck enhancement

07 April 2021

A NEW Linde reach truck option could save fleet managers in rack protection costs.

A sensor that prevents collision damage to racking is now available for reach trucks from Linde Material Handling.

Collision damage to racking systems can be a significant cost for warehouse managers. Damaged end frames and beams primarily result from reach truck operators manoeuvering in front of the racking with their attention focused upward.

Linde Material Handling is addressing this problem by means of its Rack Protection Sensor (RPS). Two light sensors, which are installed on top of the reach legs in a protected housing, detect objects in front of them. When an obstacle is detected, the assistance system automatically brakes the truck, thus avoiding damage. The sensors only become active at a traction speed of less than five kilometres per hour – which is the usual speed when manoeuvering in front of a rack. As operator accelerate beyond this set limit, for example to cover longer distances, the patented system is switched off.

The RPS assistance system is available as optional equipment on the high-performance models of Linde reach trucks series R14 - R25 with a load capacity of 1.4 to 2.5 tons and will soon also be offered as a retrofit solution for these trucks.

For more information, visit www.linde-mh.com