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Record sales & investments for Baumann

06 January 2022

WITH THE company performing at record levels, Baumann sideloaders is experiencing one of its fastest growth periods in its 50-year history.

Managing director Klaus Pirpamer says: “Despite the many challenges of recent times, we are growing fast and see an excellent future ahead.”

Orders from Italy, Germany, the UK, Croatia, France and elsewhere are at all record levels. Early development in 120v battery powered machines have paid off as the market has pivoted away from diesel and towards electrics.

“It is a constant battle of course, but we feel our award-winning products remain superior in design quality, reliability and productivity than those of our competitors,” adds Klaus. “Like many of our customers, we see this as a perfect time for investing for the long term. Recently we have installed our own solar array to help generate much of our electricity needs, a new lighting system, providing better quality lighting with less energy, and with sensors to switch off when not required. Less visible are changes to our IT and ERP systems that will help us for many years to come.”

Another new development is that of the battery crane attachment which is helping customers with battery change and other requirements. One of the biggest acquisitions is that of a new CNC machine. As well as helping the any with R&D and prototype purposes, it also helps Baumann support customers with parts for older models that are no longer mass produced. 

Baumann has also invested in new personnel in many production areas, and adapted procurement strategies to help guarantee future supply. Increasing our parts stocking has meant more storage, and a lack of space already becoming an issue just months after the latest production hall opened. 

“We have now taken our mast production back in-house and are investing in equipment to help us handle even our largest chassis safely and efficiently. Put simply, we are proud to say there has never been a busier time for Baumann.” 

For more information, visit baumann-sideloaders.com