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Reduced exhaust emissions and noise

12 April 2021

THE RE-DESIGNED DQ 45-X multidirectional sideloader from Hubtex is particularly low in emissions and noise.

The core component is the low-noise, low-emissions turbo engine, which maintains low energy consumption with its intelligent vehicle control system. 

With its all-wheel drive and all-terrain soft tyres, means it is suited to outdoor use. Hubtex has further enhanced this truck series to deliver a higher level of comfort in the driver's cab and easier maintenance.

The DQ 45-X from Hubtex is used as a universal sideloader with a load capacity of up to 4.5 tons. It is suited to handling and transporting long goods and pallets, for example loading and unloading trucks or for use in narrow aisles or block storage. The vehicle tackles uneven ground due to its the all-wheel drive and elastic tires. The four-way steering system from Hubtex can execute a tight turning circle and short switching times from lengthwise to crosswise driving and vice versa. The DQ 45-X also has a stabilisation assistance system for improved manoeuvrability and smooth transport when handling goods. This system prevents unwanted rocking movements during abrupt braking and automatically activates the parking brake when changing direction and when the vehicle is stationary. The system has now been further optimised, particularly with regard to stability during lengthwise driving and cornering. Three different driving modes—Eco, Sensitive and Speed—can be selected depending on the job requirements. 

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