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Refresher edition launches

12 October 2020

RTITB has launched a new forklift operator Refresher training edition of its eTruck UK online learning platform.

The platform is said to remove the need for face to face training in many cases.

“For obvious reasons, the Covid-19 pandemic led to a swift uptake in eLearning, but also a keen interest in making it an ongoing part of lift truck operator training,” says RTITB MD Laura Nelson.

“While our eTruck UK tool was already established for novice counterbalance training, we have now developed a specific Refresher training version, in partnership with MA-System.”

“As infection rates are rising again nationally, our new eTruck Refesher elearning program will help employers to reduce risk and keep their valuable people safe, as training is done online and many candidates will not need any face to face practical training at all,” continues Laura. “Going forward, it also gives employers more flexibility, as well as an opportunity to save a lot of time without compromising standards.”

With the new eTruck Counterbalance Lift Truck Refresher Training, operators and their employers can get a two year RTITB operator registration (NORS) for Counterbalance Lift Truck without doing any practical training as long as they successfully complete the final test, comprising of 25 multiple choice questions. This two-year NORS extension can only be applied once before a full practical course must be undertaken to obtain further RTITB operator registration. This keeps operators and employers within scope of the 3-5 year refresher period recommended by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

For more information, visit www.rtitb.com/course-locator