12 April 2019

Interfloor’s busy warehouse facility had been operating two, regularly serviced, rented Thorworld mobile yardramps; positioned to safely load and offload raw materials to and from trailers using a fork lift truck.

The equipment had been functioning effectively for three years, however to keep the apparatus updated, Interfloor opted to replace both ramps with brand new, like-for-like equipment, and commit to a further three years rental contract. 

Interfloor’s warehouse manager, Colin Bateson says: “We regularly export to over 70 countries worldwide, which leads our loading bay equipment to experience frequent levels of demanding use.

“We choose to operate superior-quality, sturdy apparatus, that is safe and reliable; because being able to depend on such equipment is vital to our business function, product distribution and the retention of our esteemed international client base and reputation.”   

Colin goes on to say how by benefitting from the installation of brand new, like-for-like Thorworld ramps, his loading team wouldn’t be at risk of using overly worn apparatus and would instead be able to perform duties and drive warehouse vehicles on newly appointed, engineer certified ramps; ensuring safe operation and guaranteed compliance.

“Thorworld’s approach was well-organised and proficient, which meant our loading bay’s downtime was kept to a minimum. The equipment itself is exceptionally robust, represents excellent quality and enables a level of loading efficiency that meets our company’s working principles.”

Colin refers to Interfloor’s committed approach to improving its environmental working practice, where efficient loading can lead to more streamlined logistics and consequently a reduced carbon footprint. He further adds:

“The rental rates Thorworld offers us are also extremely fair and can be made on a monthly basis to provide full flexibility.  In addition, we chose to have the ramps serviced by Thorworld to guarantee a plan of expert maintenance and ensure utmost safety standards throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

“I can confidently say that we’ve been delighted with the latest service we’ve received from Thorworld and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the company’s loading apparatus products, customer communications and excellent installation process.”

Mark James, administration director at Thorworld Industries, adds: “It’s terrific to hear that the Rent-a-Ramp scheme is working so effectively for Interfloor.  We designed the scheme to provide clients choosing to rent equipment from us with complete flexibility.

“Interfloor presents a perfect example of how effective and facilitating the Rent-a-Ramp scheme can be, and we wish the company continued exporting success with its fully enabling Thorworld loading ramp equipment.”