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Revamped sideloader extends its reach

07 January 2021

Baumann has unveiled improvements to its 120-volt ELX Series, including additional reach capability which could increase customer storage capacity.

The 2021 ELX will feature 150mm of outreach beyond the truck chassis, meaning operators will have more visibility and space to reach out to loads and customers can potentially choose a narrower bed machine for additional storage, without sacrificing lifting capacity.

The improvement comes without the need for changes to the truck dimensions. Other new features include refined cabin controls and road-legal LED lights as standard.

Baumann UK managing director, Jason Reynolds, believes the latest developments will further increase the popularity of the electric range.

“The extra outreach will add load security and make it easier for operators to choose a narrower machine, which also reduces costs. We have already seen our electric ranges grow in popularity. We are now producing more as a company than ever before, in fact for the first time in over 50 years, Baumann is producing more electric sideloaders than diesel models. Over 65% of deliveries to Europe are now from the 120V EGX and ELX ranges.”

Customers such as Galante Fratelli, a family timber business in Condino, northern Italy, are typical of the kinds of businesses Baumann has seen switching to electric. Investing is continuing, with the latest acquisition a 120v electric ELX sideloader from Baumann.

The model is the most compact of its kind ever produced, measuring less than four metres in length and 750mm in deck height. Used to maximise the available storage space (the site is 24,000m2) but certain areas require the flexibility of the small turning radius. 

“The ELX is a model we are very proud of,” says sales manager, Andrea Zuliani. “We reduced the overall length and improved the turning circle without sacrificing the mast or well width, clearance and low bed height, whilst the combination of 120 volt power supply and 2.5 tonnes weight reduction is expected to increase battery performance by up to 30%.”

Designed and built from the ground up, the ELX followed two years of painstaking research and development, and features a completely new chassis, battery and power train configuration. The operator cabin was also designed from scratch, maintaining the company's reputation for comfort and uncluttered operability, all within a reduced footprint. 

Baumann technical director, Riccardo Bove explains: “By looking at every component, every system and every material, three tonnes, a huge amount for a small machine, was saved. It allowed us to add weight back in to improve weight distribution and operability.”

With less power needed to achieve high levels of performance, running time between charges has been extended. A specially designed intelligent system developed in conjunction with Midac can be paired with a charger system to re-energise in mid-shift without damaging the cells and a battery change option.

Baumann sideloaders has seen a resurgence in recent years, thanks to investments in overseas markets and innovations in areas of handling accuracy, higher capacities and electric truck capabilities. 

Jason Reynolds says: “Of course, we want to keep moving forward, and our success comes with its own pressures,” adds Jason, “but we have been fortunate to be in a position where we are investing and growing, even during these difficult days.”

The Baumann factory has recently added extra capacity, including a new production hall and a 15% increase in the workforce, while investing in additional parts storage and testing facilities, and a 550,000kw solar array to take advantage of its location in Cavaion Veronese, near Lake Garda.

For more information, visit www.baumann-sideloaders.co.uk

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