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Ride-on order picker built for eComm

17 December 2020

The latest addition to the extensive range of space-saving intralogistics solutions offered by Narrow Aisle is the Easi-Pick – a compact ride-on vertical order picker designed specifically for use within eCommerce facilities.

A cost-effective alternative to the type of manually-manoeuvered ladder-type mobile access platforms that are often used in fulfilment centre environments to help operations personnel reach elevated pick faces within racking aisles, the Easi-Pick delivers a range of benefits, including hugely improved productivity and increased worker safety.

The electric-powered Easi-Pick features a heavy-duty and exceptionally stable mast in combination with a spacious and ergonomically designed working platform to ensure that warehouse staff are secure and comfortable as they undertake a range of picking duties at height within the warehouse or fulfilment centre aisleways.

The Easi-Pick allows picking tasks to be carried out at heights of up to 6.5 metres, while its compact chassis design enables the unit to turn in racking aisles measuring just 1.6 metres wide. Furthermore, the Easi-Pick’s space saving dimensions mean it can work safely alongside other materials handling equipment, such as lift trucks, within the same storage aisle.

The Easi-Pick’s advanced functionality allows it to be controlled by the operator in the raised position, thereby saving valuable minutes when travelling between picking locations throughout the store and maximising throughput and picking speeds.

A high efficiency AC digital drive system can be programmed via the Easi-Pick’s on-board LCD dash to ensure travel and lift/lower speed restrictions are not exceeded, while power comes from a traction battery that supports charging from a standard single phase 230V outlet.

Narrow Aisle MD John Maguire says: “Developed for eCommerce and small goods picking environments, the Easi-Pick is a reasonably priced order picker that improves productivity and increases safety across the warehouse and within picking aisles.

“With its heavy duty mast and large working platform, the Easi-Pick gives eCommerce order pickers the safety assurance they need to perform at optimum efficiency throughout the course of their shift.”

For more information, visit www.flexi.co.uk