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Robotic Shuttle Product Sortation (RSPS) Solution launches

03 November 2021

BERKSHIRE GREY has launched the system to carry out a number of roles in support of filling eCommerce orders.

These include automating store replenishment, allocation order processing, split-case cross docking, sortation, and packing.  RSPS is said to increase processing capacity and throughput for existing operations without adding labour, help right-size store inventories, and enables eCommerce fulfillment from stores to scale. 

Following a series of successful installations at major U.S. retailers, the solution is now generally available for global deployments.

Berkshire Grey’s RSPS is a fully integrated system powered by core AI software that enables distribution centres to improve order processing at existing facilities using current workforces.  RSPS can be used as a standalone module, in conjunction with other advanced Berkshire Grey technologies, or with existing or third party systems. This enables retailers, grocers, and 3PLs to be more competitive, increase throughput, and drive growth despite labour shortages, says the firm.

For more information, visit www.berkshiregrey.com

Key Points

Claimed benefits of RSPS include:

  • Increase piece pick order fulfillment by up to 4x with no additional labour.
  • Improve shipment capacity and container cube utilisation by up to 10%.
  • Handle nearly 100% of typical SKU assortments.
  • Operate standalone or integrated with traditional material handling systems like automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS).
  • Install into existing operations with a small footprint of less than 2,500 square feet.
  • Support configurable order container sizes and batches.