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Robotic warehouse cart launches as aid to pickers

26 April 2019

The fulfilment cart from Synergy is designed to boost pick rates without a major operational overhaul.

Synergy – the company behind the SnapFulfil warehouse management system (WMS) – has launched a robotic fulfilment cart, SnapCart.

SnapCart - an extension of SnapFulfil - is designed to help small parts picking and eCommerce fulfilment centres streamline their current picking operations. Warehouses can adopt SnapCart without making any costly infrastructure changes.

An upgrade to standard “man-to-goods” models, SnapCart works side by side with manual carts and operates under a cellular picking model. Warehouse pickers are assigned to smaller cells, which are serviced by an autonomous cart working on a pick-to-light system. This allows the carts to do the majority of aisle movement, reducing pickers’ daily walking distance significantly, from as much as 15 miles to 1 mile. 

With its easy-to-use interface, warehouse workers can be trained on the solution within minutes, so operations aren’t disrupted for wide-scale implementation. Warehouses also have the flexibility of purchasing SnapCart for the entire warehouse, or adding carts as needed, allowing for both scalability and start-up cost management. 

The product serves SnapFulfil’s mission of providing innovative technology that can be practically implemented in warehouses of all sizes. SnapFulfil teamed with university robotics departments to fit the SnapCart with navigation technology best suited for the warehouse environment, providing safe and efficient manoeuvring around the warehouse.

Synergy chairman Hugh Stevens said: “As fulfilment operations in both the UK and US feel the strain of the current labour shortage, it’s more important than ever that warehouses ensure maximum efficiency with their workforce.

“Our aim is to harness the power of autonomous fulfilment carts to provide warehouses with an innovative, practical solution they can use sooner, rather than waiting for technology to mature.”