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Robotics provider improves order allocation algorithm

05 March 2020

6 River Systems (6RS) has made a range of improvements to its wall-to-wall fulfillment solution, including upgrades to its collaborative mobile robot, Chuck.

6RS has equipment that covers the fulfillment workflow from putaway, to picking, sorting and packing. Improvements to the solution’s order allocation algorithm and optimisations to batch, zone and other picking methodologies continue to reduce associate walking in the warehouse. With new modular and larger multi-level workspaces, Chuck is the most flexible collaborative mobile robot in the industry, says the firm.

Chuck enhancements include:

  • Increased capacity: up to 6 levels for a total of 43.5 ft2 / 4.0 m2 of workspace, over three times more than the other providers, handles a broad range of SKUs and a payload of up to 200 lbs / 90.7 kg.
  • Expanded compliance: patent-pending safety system meets international safety standards, including CE and UL1740.
  • Improved usability: globally recognised lighting, images, and prompts accelerates training and directs associates through their tasks.

“Chuck replaces cumbersome and dangerous manual carts, eliminates long walks to receive and deliver work and improves associates' jobs. In turn, this helps companies recruit and retain the best workers,” says Gillan Hawkes, 6RS’ VP of Product. “Unlike traditional automation systems, ours continuously improves through over-the-air software updates and new functionality, helping our existing customers realise year-over-year productivity increases of 10% or greater.”

6 River Systems was acquired by global commerce company Shopify last year.