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Robotics leader takes RaaS a step closer

06 April 2021

FORKLIFT ROBOTICS leader Balyo has updated its technological platform with new functions such as a tool for monitoring forklift performance.

This is an essential building block for allowing end users to make use of RaaS or pay as you go models for the use of automated forklifts.

This is seen as a key issue post-pandemic with many companies looking to preserve cash and therefore look at payment models that avoid major upfront costs.

BALYO provides more than 20 configurable reports evaluating key indicators (system availability and quality, operational or technical errors, rates, etc.) in order to optimise the efficiency of the system at each stage of the project. This tool gives customers a real-time view of the performance of their installation, on each flow or robot, in complete transparency.

The upgraded platform also has the latest generation of 3D vision to manage the diversity of pallets, allows for the autonomous hooking and unhooking of trailers, and features a more intuitive user experience.

Balyo has worked in collaboration with forklift manufacturers, notably Yale and Linde.

XPO Logistics has launched a pilot program in collaboration with Balyo, which develops its autonomous reach robots in collaboration with Linde Material Handling.

XPO is said to be the first logistics company in Europe to test Balyo’s latest robotic reach truck under real-life conditions. The pilot is underway at an XPO distribution centre near Blois, France.

The robotic trucks in the pilot program have an overhead reach of up to 11 metres and can manoeuvre through aisles as narrow as 2.9 metres while moving 10 to 20 pallets per hour, depending on the application. They operate safely in mixed facility settings, working alongside employees and traditional forklifts.

For more information, visit www.balyo.com