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Robots firm launches in Europe

21 February 2019

Collaborative mobile robotics supplier 6 River Systems has launched in Europe, two years after the company’s US debut.

The announcement is timed with the first European deployments of its solution.

“We’re very excited to offer our warehouse automation solutions to the European market,” says Chris Lingamfelter, 6 River Systems (6RS) VP of sales. “Europe has a rich history in warehouse automation. Historically, automation projects were very large and complicated and expensive to implement. Our approach offers European warehouse operators of all sizes a new, flexible and scalable way to automate.”

Europe is seen as a strategic market.

Rylan Hamilton, 6RS’ co-CEO and co-founder adds: “We have spent the past year getting ready for this launch and have an experienced international team and an excited European customer base.”

The 6 River Systems solution is powered by robots called “Chucks” and cloud-based software. The Chucks communicate with the software to coordinate all the tasks on warehouse floors. The result is a fleet of Chucks working collaboratively with associates to eliminate long walks, reduce in-aisle walking and speed up warehouse tasks, including put-away, picking, replenishment and sorting. 

One of 6RS’ first European customers is Bleckmann, a global third party logistics leader headquartered in the Netherlands. Bleckmann specialises in fulfillment for the fashion and lifestyle sector. 

“At Bleckmann we continuously search for high-end, innovative solutions that can contribute to the improvement of our service,” Steven Rymenans, strategy and development director explains. “After screening the market we came to the conclusion that 6 River Systems is the best fit to our operations and expectations. The solution is easy to implement rapidly, without impacting our warehouse infrastructure. This means that we can roll-out the project smoothly, bringing direct benefits to our operations.”