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Roll container with adjustable sides

12 April 2019

K Hartwall has released the Foldia Roll Container equipped with adjustable sides, the Foldia Plus.

As space in stores is very limited every square metre needs to be used most efficiently, which is already a given with Foldia’s excellent space saving and storage ability.

The unit offers a similar cubic fill as the old demountable unit. When the sides are up it is used as a transport unit when they are down it works as a display in the store.

The unit is foldable, not demountable so no more loose parts. In return logistics 4 Foldia Plus are neatly and easily put inside an open one, giving a 5:1 empty ratio. This also makes the handling easier at the DC with nice “packages” instead of different bundles of roll container parts not always matching each other.

The customer wanted to test this unit thoroughly so a trial batch of 50 units was produced and shipped to Brazil to a major hard discounter retailer. The tests are now ongoing and the feedback from the operators is positive.

At the same time a delegation from the Peruvian leading Retailer, Supermercados Peruanos visited Brazil to collect ideas for developing their store logistics. There they saw the Foldia Plus and immediately realised that it was a good solution for their hard discounter chain, Mass.

We are now delivering Foldia Plus to the Mass stores and have more units on their way to Peru.