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Rotate stock as required

20 September 2021

PACKAGING SUPPLIER United Caps acquired a site and needed to fit out the new facility with a storage solution that would allow them dense product storage with good stock utilisation.

To help them achieve this, the firm turned to Quickline which was able to work closely with them to gain a deep understanding of their operation and provide a bespoke solution.

The customer required a dense storage solution which offered optimum stock utilisation, First In, First Out (FIFO) stock rotation and an integrated sprinkler system. The proposed solution from Quickline was a semi automated pallet shuttle system which would allow them to rotate stock as required, as their stored product could be loaded from one end of the run and picked from the opposite end. This solution also allowed them the maximum utilisation of dense stock as the shuttle could manoeuvre within the structure to shift pallet locations as needed.

The Flexy Shuttle system has a maximum payload of 1500kg per shuttle and is powered by a lithium battery with an eight hour run time, ensuring long lasting performance. The shuttle operates on rails within each storage channel and is guided by either remote control or the WMS. Pallets are moved along the channel to allow the pallet to be removed from the rack for picking or to allow the next pallet to be loaded.

The shuttle is loaded into the channel using a forklift, moving it between rows as required. The shuttle then picks the required pallet and completes its journey to retrieve or relocate. As there is no requirement for a forklift to access pallets from within a bay, a shuttle systems increase storage capacity as multiple runs can be placed side by side. This also improves operating times, minimises damage to racks and reduces the risk of accidents. 

The installation was project managed by Quickline to ensure it was delivered on time and on budget. A total of fifteen runs with thirteen bays and four levels in each gave the customer a total of 780 pallet spaces, covering 375 sq m. With a total length per run of over 16m, the project delivered the dense, multi-depth solution the client wanted. The sprinkler system was integrated on each run to provide fire protection. The shuttle is controlled by remote control, allowing the operators to access goods from deep within the channel. The system also connects via WiFi to allow offsite software fixes in the unlikely event of downtime.

For United Caps, the Flexy shuttle system provides the ideal automated solution to manage a multi-depth storage system, resulting in an optimised warehouse, with increased efficiency, high performance and greatest safety of the goods and operators.

For more information, visit www.quicklinestorage.co.uk