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SANY launches 25 tonne forklift

20 June 2022

WITH THE SCP250G5 heavy-duty forklift truck, SANY is said to be setting new standards in the 25-metric-tonne class. 

For fast operation, it is equipped with a 185 kW Volvo power unit complying with emission standard EU Stage V. A high lifting speed and powerful acceleration thanks to its 4-speed Powershift transmission with torque converter and automatic gear shift are part of its everyday working routine. The newly designed cab – 40mm wider – offers the best conditions for comfortable and safe working. For example, thanks to the large 10-inch touch display, easily accessible on the right-hand armrest console.

The new design of weight distribution reduces the front axle load, and thus tyre wear. The mast features a large opening in the centre, which ensure an unrestricted view to the forks and allow an outstanding overall front-vision. The smart arrangement of the hydraulic lines along the mast further supports the front vision and working environment. The rear-window, comes in a new design of curved side edges. This opens an impressively free vision when reversing and manoeuvring. The large roof glazing ergonomically allows an easy view to high mast positions. 

SANY heavy-duty forklifts are equipped by default with standard forks that fit the forklift pockets of 20 ft ISO containers. In addition, SANY offers numerous attachments and customised options for a wide range of requirements and applications. In this way, the heavy-duty forklift can be adapted to individual specifications. And the “Terminal-West” fork connection makes it possible to switch swiftly between different fork types, for example to pole attachments.

The cabs are fitted with an ergonomic seat as well as a powerful air conditioning system. Joysticks make it easy and precise to operate the fork functions and mast. All important parameters are shown in real time on the easy-to-read 10-inch touch-screen display. And routine maintenance work is also made easy for the operators: the driver’s cab can be electrically tilted to the side, providing access to all maintenance elements.

For more information, visit www.sanyeurope.com