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Safe use of auto brake trolleys

10 March 2020

Metal and Modular has achieved BS EN 1757-3:2002 for three of its trolleys: the Auto Brake Panel Trolley, the Auto Brake Load Trolley and the Auto Brake Ductwork Rack.

The BS EN 1757-3:2002 standard governs industrial trucks, pedestrian-propelled trucks and platform trucks. Certification of the three Metal and Modular products confirms the safety and ease of use of the innovative Auto Brake trolleys and follows independent testing, along with site trials with tier one construction companies.

All three certified trolleys feature Metal and Modular’s bespoke ‘deadman’s brakes’ auto braking system, which requires both of the brake levers to be depressed in order to move the unit. This ensures each trolley is suitable for two-person operation and maintains high levels of health and safety on site. Each of the products has also been fitted with all-terrain wheels and castors from German world leading castor manufacturer, Blickle. 

With a load capacity of 1000kg and an integral high-load ratchet strap tie, the Metal and Modular Auto Brake Panel Trolley has been designed to minimise the risk of tipping and ensure ease of smooth operation even on sloped areas. Suitable for transporting a wide range of materials in an upright position, the trolley has been designed for safety and convenience.

Weighing 140kg, Metal and Modular’s Auto Brake Load Trolley has a capacity of up to 2000kg, making it ideal for most onsite transportation requirements.

Meanwhile, the Auto Brake Ductwork Rack enables safe movement and storage of ductwork tubing while it is being transported or stored on site. The rack includes a system for covering ductwork while it is being stored.