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Safety drives mezzanine lift deployment

27 August 2021

EUROPE SNACKS has overhauled its warehouse operation in London putting employee health and safety at the heart of its design.

The aim was to improve how goods were stored and moved within the warehouse. This had previously been done with forklift trucks, and although this was efficient, there was a belief that using bespoke mezzanine goods lifts to easily and quickly move the goods between floors would deliver an even more efficient system.

Europe Snacks operates on a 24/7 schedule, and the task of Scissor Tables UK was to provide the solution to lift pallet loads, weighing up to 750kg to the upper mezzanine level on a high intensity duty cycle.

The whole project, from concept to final installation, took 12 months. Comprehensive training for Europe Snack’s diverse workforce was also provided. Ben Francis, UK Distribution Manager, said: “I was particularly impressed with the training that was provided. It was instructional, but very clear and that’s essential for our workforce. Their safety in the warehouse is a key consideration.”

Scissor Tables UK designed, manufactured and installed customised lifting platforms to move goods up to the mezzanine floor, providing an ergonomic solution for warehouse staff. The goods lifts are also operated using a single touch control making them even more efficient to use.

The mezzanine goods lift has integrated both lower and upper levels as a means of transporting pallets of crisps goods between production to Goods Out. The lifts were surface mounted, removing the need for pits ensuring building work was kept to a minimum.

As identified in initial consultation, reducing the activity of the forklift within Goods Out has been fulfilled – increasing safety for employees.

Ben continued: “There’s no doubt this has been an investment for the future in our warehousing capabilities. But it’s also been a real sign of our commitment to the staff’s health and safety – this investment has led to a boost in morale across the whole warehouse.

“These two hydraulic goods only lifts have revolutionised our warehouse logistics. We are now able to move our goods in a much more structured way, creating a safe and efficient environment for our colleagues. It’s been so successful, we’re considering installing similar solutions at our other warehouses across the UK.”

For more information, visit www.mobile-scissor-tables.co.uk


  • 2 off mezzanine floor hydraulic goods only lifts with operator access for loading and unloading
  • Side by side installation
  • Located indoors in an area with no public access and to be used by trained operators only
  • 4209mm travel to FFL
  • Closed height usually 150mm minimum
  • 750kg capacity
  • 1350mm x 1350mm useable platform
  • Outward opening interlocked gates on ground floor
  • Outward opening interlocked gates on mezzanine floor (opposite side)
  • Platform with side handrails 1100mm high, knee rail and toe plate
  • Mast braced from mezzanine and supported from ground floor
  • Includes ramp at ground floor
  • Full height mesh enclosure extending to 2450mm above the top level
  • Latching controls to raise and lower the lift
  • 415V, 3 phase supply
  • Lift speed (generally approximately 100mm/s) and high intensity duty cycle
  • Protection posts at lower level
  • Provision for audible and visual indication of lift operation